Testimonials;  Here is a sample of what people are saying... 

Bottom line: we found SEAL 1 CLP Plus to be a rather amazing and efficient product that is safe to use and smells good too. A win-win.

This was brought to our attention at NTOA. This POF bolt was treated with SEAL 1 CLP Plus, this is a picture of the bolt after 26,000 rounds fired without cleaning. 

My name is Alex and I used your product for the first time today. I'd like to tell you a little about myself before I go on. I'm a Marine Corps veteran where I served as a combat arms instructor and qualified as an armorer. I've spent countless hours on a trigger both in and out of the military. I shoot competitively for recreation and instruct carbine and pistol when I have the time. Needless to say, I preform a lot of weapons maintenance. I'm also meticulous when it comes to the cleanliness of my guns. 

So back to the purpose of this email. I used Seal1 today and I am nothing short of impressed. I thought my AR15 was already clean when I broke it down today. I hit the bolt carrier group, inside the upper, and ran a few swabs down the barrel. In complete disbelief, I watched the orange paste turn black inside the upper. My rifle is cerakoted FDE and I thought for sure I'd have seen any carbon residue, if there was any, because it's so much lighter in color than a black rifle where it can easily hide or even be overlooked. I wiped it and the BCG clear as per the instructions and my rag was as black as it usually is after a hundred rounds or so. 

I've used many other products over the years. Seal1 is my new favorite. It's simple to use. It doesn't run like most other liquid based CLP's (xxxxxxxx) and it's easier to work with than other, more solid base products (xxxxxxxx). It's green (Earth friendly). It's better than anything I've used to date. It even smells fantastic. For the price, there is no beating Seal1. I will be recommending your product to anyone and everyone who calls themself a shooter. Keep it up!

Semper Fidelis

Tony and Dwight,
My name is Don Dougherty and I am a recently retired 31 year law enforcement veteran and spent the last 20 years of my career on SWAT and as a Firearms Instructor and Armorer. I worked for a police department in the Southern California Desert, one of the harshest climates in the country. The use of traditional solvents and conditioning oils had always been a serious issue for us because without a work area with special ventilation, at the end of the day we were forced to clean our equipment outdoors in the 120 degree daytime temperatures and common conditioning oils would attract the grit and sand that routinely gets blown around by the sometimes 50 mph wind gusts. It was not just because of the volume of firearms training and practice that I engaged in or the routine poor weather conditions that caused my equipment to sound like two pieces of 60 grit sand paper rubbing together, that cause me actively seek out a better product. I wanted to be sure that when I needed my equipment to perform, that it would do so without question. 
After my retirement from law enforcement in 2013 I became a Firearms Instructor, Armorer and Law Enforcement Training Specialist for a private training academy in Austin Texas. I can tell you that over the last three years of using your products as a matter of routine that aside from the noticeable decrease in common ware marks on my 1911, M-4 and 12 gauge, my twice a week cleaning time has been cut in half, I do not have the dust and grit collection issue that I had with common conditioning oils or PTFE pastes and I don’t get complaints about the chemical smell. The most remarkable aspect of consistent use of your products has been that the contact surfaces that I deliberately polished have remained polished and I have in fact seen an increase in muzzle velocity. You ultimately have saved me countless hours of work and for that I must thank you.
Thank you for attention to detail, it has made my life easier. 
Don Dougherty, Master Police Officer SWAT Retired.           


PR - SOTG/STB Instructor

I know it took a long time to get this after action about your product, and for that I appologies. But I had some of the marines from a force recon platoon going through a shooting package use your product and to give me their option, and this is what they said. Brief overview of the package. The shooting package is 6 weeks long with the first week being pistol marksmanship, and the 2nd week carbine. The next 4 weeks is a combo of marksmanship sustainment training with tactics and CQB training, to include breaching with tactics and tactical problem solving.

SSgt B, with supporting team members had this to say about your product.

Product: SEAL 1 CLP Plus

Used during a six week SOTG CQT course.

Weapons used with product;
COLT 1911

SEAL 1 is a great cleaning/lubrication solution. It hardly takes any effort in cleaning your weapon after repeated use and carbon build up. Most of the time when using standard CLP it would take more than 30-45 minutes to clean your weapon (depending on how much you fired it). Applying SEAL 1 before and after weapons handling cut cleaning time down to 10-15 minutes. The carbon wipes away very easily with only a few drops. When using CLP you could still feel some what of a grind (metal on metal scrapping) as the upper would slide along the lower receiver of the 1911. Using SEAL 1 lessened the friction between metal surfaces and made for an over all smoother action.

- better lubricant
- better cleaning agent
- cuts cleaning time WAY down
- few drops go a long way


Retired Police Officer
Certified Sniper & Certified Firearms Instructor

From: Troy Defew 
To: 'Scott Lee'
Subject: RE: CLP Firearms Cleaning Product Enquiry

I want to thank you for a great product,
My name is Troy Defew, I am a retired police officer and a certified sniper. During my sniper training, one very important block of instruction covered, the proper way to clean and maintain our weapons. This was a very important block of instruction during the training because as everyone knows. A sniper’s creed is, One shot one kill. This is not something we look forward to ever doing, but unfortunately, it’s a fact of life or death in today’s world. We have one chance to save a life. We never know when we will be called on to make this shot. This is why the most important shot to any sniper is called, “A cold bore shot”. Meaning, when and or if we ever have to utilize our skills, the first shot we take is from a cold bore. It is vital that we use a product that we trust, and are absolutely positive will maintain our rifle and keep the bore clean and accurate enough to ensure there is no doubt once we start to squeeze that trigger, the shot will hit our point of aim. After trying many products, I only use Seal 1’s, CLP products. “Warning to anyone who plans to use this product on weapons that require pinpoint accuracy”. Clean your firearm with this product 3 or 4 times and then, check your zero. You will most likely have to adjust your scope due to increased velocity. CLP actually lines the bore with a slick substance protecting it from rust, etc. It also increases the velocity of your bullet. This is a great thing, this equals a flatter shooting rifle or pistol for that matter. So, be sure and check your zero after using this product. I have used many firearms cleaning products on the market. Seal 1’s, CLP is the only product I’ll ever push through any of my bores.
Troy Defew
West KY.

Troy Defew 
Owner/Operator of Defensive Tactics.
CCDW Classes 
Retired Police Officer, Certified Sniper
& Certified Firearms Instructor


"Thank you very much.  I have been in law enforcement for over 33 years and a firearms instructor for over 20, this is by far the best product I have seen!!!"

BB Delaware


I have a custom-built 1911 that I treasure above all my guns, largely because I got to cherry-pick each part, the style, and the finish. While I am a dealer for SEAL1 and my gunsmith raves about the product, I personally hadn't used it but once on my 1911. It's fired rarely so naturally I don't clean it often. On one such rare shooting occasion, our practice was rudely interrupted by Mother Nature and her temper. In pouring rain, I shoved my pistol into my range bag and ran for cover. Hours later, in the middle of the night, I awoke in a panic; my wet gun was still in my range bag and my stupidity was going to destroy my prized possession. When I retrieved it from the bag, my 1911 was no worse for the wear. It was perfect, not a single rust spot. Everything in the bag was still wet, but my gun was completely unharmed. I owe it all to SEAL1 and the superiority of their product. From now on, there will be nothing else I use to clean and preserve my guns.

Thanks again for everything. 

Rachael W. 
Mission, KS


If your looking for a non wet lube for your firearm... I highly recommend SEAL 1, LLC.
Ran it on a 6 of Fnh Scar's for the last 2 weeks and nothing but good to go. Did not have crap all over the lower and coming out of the upper. Normally we have to run the Scars wet... but with the Seal 1 product, it was dry which kept sand and dirt from clinging to the weapon. Check them out and give it a try...

Thank you Tactical Empire
Sean Menches


To all who might have a use for SEAL 1. I just came back from the range shooting my Steyr HS .50, This rifle had 8 shots down range before I owned it. I spent 45 minutes cleaning it with SEAL 1 CLP Plus before I went to shoot it. It was clean!! I shot 39 rounds today out of this rifle, 11 rounds were military ball corrosive primed and the rest were Barrett ball ammo. When I returned home I was prepared to spend at least an hour cleaning this rifle. Well when I looked in the bore with a bore light I was surprised to not see ANY carbon build up. It took 10 minutes to clean this rifle!!!!! There is nothing better on the market to keep your firearms "running".
Lou Leamont, A very honored salesman to have this line to sell to my customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just put the Seal 1 liquid lube on my HK and Sig Sauer. Love this stuff!


Found SEAL 1 at the CT SWAT Challenge. Spoke with Scott Lee and then purchased the paste for my stag ar-15 patrol rifle and glock 21SF. Have to say its the best cleaner / lubricant out there. 400 rounds through the stag and its running strong and smooth ! Thank you SEAL 1 and Scott Lee.

Capitol Region Emergency Services Team- CT


Use it and believe in it. This stuff WORKS like a champ.


We are very excited to be adding your product line to our inventory.  It is great doing business with a company that gives such high regard to service.  Thanks for making it so easy to come on board with SEAL 1.  We look forward to a long and successful relationship.  Thank you.
New Dealer - CA


I have just used your product and was amazed at the way it cleaned, lube and protected my firearms. I had been using a competitors product for 2+ yrs before being turned on to your company and its product. Firearms I thought had been cleaned with the other product were not as clean as I thought. Seal 1 got carbon and powder that had not been cleaned by the other product. The actions of my firearms even feel smoother after using your product.

I have 7yrs active duty Marine Corp (infantry) and I really wished this was around when I was in. All we had to clean with was Breakfree CLP. I would safely say that if SEAL 1 had been around both my rifle and pistol would have ran better and been even cleaner. In saying that let it been known I don't just switch to the newest product out there, it has to show me it does what it says and then some and SEAL 1 does it all and then some!

Any LE/Mil operator or even just a civilian who trust there life to a firearm should be using Seal 1 to keep your rifle/pistol or shotgun running at it's best...


....it is refreshing to see a company stand behind their product, especially when it IS a quality product.......
Police Dept. -  NJ


I am a firearms instructor and tactical team member with the United States Department of Justice.
I shoot a lot! During off-duty hours I compete in Law Enforcement three gun matches and also teach Military and Law Enforcement tactics. I shoot a lot! For thirty years I have used traditional and synthetic based gun care products. Most work more or less as advertised. Often less! When lives hang in the balance, one must be on a career long quest, for the very best gun care products!
In the past I have used Hoppes products, TWB, MP products, Sweets and Rig to name a few. As good as all of these are, some weapons platforms still exhibited issues! Stainless steel weapons have had galling issues, select fire weapons lubricant sheer and heating problems and of course the ever present plain old crud, from launching thousand of rounds down range.
All of the synthetic or petroleum based products also contain aromatics, that many find objectionable. When cleaning personal weapons, I am often banished to the garage!
Seal 1 has solved ALL of my problems! I have NOT experienced any galling issues with stainless, or aluminum alloy! Select fire weapons, both direct gas impingement and piston driven, no longer exhibit heating issues. And ALL, weapons have been much easier to clean then ever before. The bores wipe clean with a minimum of scrubbing and actions simply wipe clean! I am particularly happy with the higher viscosity product. I use it on bolt races, frame rails, locking lugs and trigger bearing surfaces. In a life time of shooting I have never used a product that exceeds all of it's advertised specifications by such a margin! Secondary to performance, I must report that I am once again allowed to clean in the house! Seal 1 actually smells good! I have had no objections from my wife or children! I am completely sold on Seal 1 products!
Most respectfully
United States Department of Justice


I received your package today, and appreciate your thoughtfulness.  I have been using the product that I had purchased for a couple of weeks now. I can’t believe the difference in performance after a couple of cleanings and lubrication. My favorite weapon, a Sig 220 is like a new gun and performs better than ever after cleaning it twice and allowing the product to soak in. I had retired it as a duty weapon as it was becoming a bit particular on ammunition and occasionally had problems feeding. It is better than new, now, and recently I ran over 300 rounds thru it from a host of manufacturers. Not one problem.
Thanks again and I wish you guys success in your business. 
B.T. , Nevada


Dear Dwight and Scott,

I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your product; Seal 1.  I will admit, when I saw your demo at the IACP in Chicago, I was a bit skeptical.  I brought home some samples anyway and tried it on my own weapon.  My husband would not let me use it on his until we knew how it would work.  The first thing I noticed was how dirty my gun was.  It had been cleaned and un-used.  The Seal 1 removed dirt our other cleaner didn't.  About a week after cleaning my gun, I finally had a chance to use it.  Mind you, my husband had cleaned his 2 times (without firing) in the meantime.  We each put about 200 rounds through our guns.  When it came time to clean them, he was shocked.  My gun had but a trace amount of carbon at the point of contact.  That was it!  The rest of the inside was still shining and smelled like it did the day I cleaned it.  My husband’s, on the other hand, was all black and sooty.  Everything you promised came through.  It cleaned what other cleansers missed and protected the weapon against buildup.  I will be recommending your product to everyone I can.  

I thank you for the opportunity to test this amazing product!

Regional Training Coordinator
Controlled F.O.R.C.E. 

“I  just talked to my brother and he reminded me I haven't talked to you in a while. Seal 1 is working great. I gave a bunch of it to a couple SWAT buddies new to the team, and they love it. They are running it on mp5s, M4s and the Kimber 1911s. Normally they have a lot of feeding issues with the Kimbers, but the guys using Seal 1 are not having that problem. I’ve got about 5,000 rounds apiece through my Glock 34, XD9, and my sig 226 with no cleaning, and they are all still running with no malfunctions at all. And even more impressive, I was at a tactical shotgun class a couple weeks ago, and a guy was having problems with a stock 870. Mostly cycling and extraction-ejection problems. He said he had not cleaned the internals in several hundred rounds, due to not knowing how to disassemble it. Shot a bit of Seal 1 in the action, and after it got warmed up again, you could see the fouling dripping out of the action. Needless to say he was impressed and happy to except a bottle. So needless to say, testing is going well.”  

JB California


I have gathered some additional information as it relates to SEAL 1. Here is what I have discovered:

#1. I had to make adjustments to the scope on my .308 rifle. I have noticed the rounds travel a little flatter since I cleaned and lubed the rifle with SEAL 1. I'd say I noticed a 1/4 to 1/2 MOA adjustment difference. NICE!!!!!

#2. Cleaning the rifle has been much easier since I switched to SEAL 1. There appears to be a lot less build up of carbon and other residue.... I must say, the first time I cleaned my rifle with SEAL 1 was an effort, in a good way. It took a lot of unseen grim out of my rifle that I never realized was still there with my other cleaning method.

#3. My hands & wife really appreciate that I now use SEAL 1. I don't feel like I need to wash and scrub for an hour after cleaning like I did with my old products. My wife likes the fact that I, and the garage, no longer smell like a "chemical factory" after using SEAL 1.

Eric R. CA

I returned to work today and received the package. Thank You Very Much!
I plan on taking some of the goodies to my rangemaster today and let him test them out.

As far as my testing goes, the results were outstanding. I went ahead and cleaned my handgun like I normally do (Gun Scrubber, Hoppes, etc). I then cleaned it again using SEAL1. I was surprised at how much unseen crap I cleaned off when I used your product. Its amazing to think you have a clean weapon, until you use SEAL1.

When I cleaned my sniper rifle, I did not "pre-clean" it like I did my handgun. I went straight ahead and used SEAL1. Again, I found the results to be great. The barrel never looked so clean. I plan to take it shooting next week and I'll keep you posted.

Eric R.  CA


I used the Seal1 on two Sniper trips out to Bull Hill in North East Washington and to Tubbs in northern Texas. The temperature varied from 30 to 80 degree Fahrenheit.
I initially cleaned my 300 with the liquid Seal1 and ran the SEAL Skinz patches through the bore. I shot 30 190-grain ammunition in around 30-degree weather. I thought the lube worked great., I had no problems what so ever with racking my bolt nor felt I needed to apply any more at the end of the day. I then repeated the cleaning steps the same way as I did earlier. The only difference was cleaning the carbon off my muzzle from the suppressor. I put a small amount of the liquid Seal 1 on the muzzle, then I took a steel brush and brushed it off in a matter of a minute. It usually takes five to ten minutes to have the muzzle completely free of all carbon.

I then used the paste on the SCAR heavy. I again used the SEAL Skinz to initially clean the bore of the gun according to the directions. I then cleaned the gun with the SEAL1 paste and left a little of the coding on the bolt. I had no problems with my SCAR. Normally I always expect some sort of jam and the weapon system ran excellent. I am a firm believer in this lube. I will be using it on all my weapons down range in Afghanistan these upcoming months. I will further keep writing reviews on SEAL 1 while I’m getting real time down range data. I will expect it to perform in a combat environment when sometimes I only have time for a quick clean.

C .K.
Hello Dwight,

I am a frequent customer of the Kittery Trading Post as well as an avid gun owner. I saw the advertisement that Seal1 was going to be offering free gun cleanings to demo their product at the Trading Post so I proceeded to pack my every day carry gun, Sig Sauer P320, and drive the 55 mile trip to check it out. 

I pride myself on how I take care of my firearms, but I have to admit that my cleaning was put to shame by Seal1 products! As the representatives disassembled my firearm and started the cleaning process I was ashamed of the carbon and residue that was coming off of my every day carry pistol. The product seemed to melt away the grime and buildup. When they were finished it looked like a new pistol again.

I plan on following their recommended cleaning procedures so that after a couple more cleanings it will reduce my cleaning time by at least 50%. After the cleaning was finished I walked over and purchased nearly $100 worth of their product and was amazingly grateful for a product that is out of this world. attached are the pictures of my cleaning kit before and after my Seal1 purchase. 

If you like to have a clean and functioning firearms I highly recommend Seal1 products!
thank you again for introducing me to Seal1

Daryn M. 

Wilmington, MA

From all of us here  - The SEAL 1  TEAM  thanks you for all your support and for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us -  Much appreciated!

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Thanks Rob, (RPS Firearms Tactics Training)
From the SEAL 1 Team - 
We appreciate you sharing your experiences.
-1MMAGC Organization Blog Spot
Hoppe’s #9 cleaner and solvent is, I I am guessing, what the majority of you readers are using to clean your weapons. Until I heard of this product, Seal 1, Hoppe’s products are what we used in our house. Why not, they have been around for a very long time. What if I told you there was an incredibly awesome gun cleaning product that was all natural, smelled really good (like mint), and was incredibly effective? I hear laughing, I know it sounded like a line from an infomercial but this stuff is pretty cool. For the Full Review - See more at: http://www.1mmagc.org/1mmagc-blog/-seal-1


- John Hermsen,  President/CRSO

Good Morning Dwight,
After extensive testing of your product SEAL 1,  during a 6 week period participating with the Marine Corps DCIAP (Depot Competition at Arms Program) and WDM/CIAP (Western Division Matches draw Marines from CONUS West of the Mississippi),  it would be my pleasure to provide you with my observations of your product;  but first some background.
With 325 competitors on the Rifle and 330 Pistol competitors in the WDMs and well over 100 in DCIAP,  it was one of the largest in years with the best Marksmen assembled from an extensive region and Coaches from the Marine Corps finest team of instructors,  the CMC,  conducting events.  DCIAP and WDMs are over 2 weeks long each and mirror each other.  Each shooter was responsible for the correct assembly and zeroing of their firearms and maintenance thereof.  As you can imagine,  given the variables of issue weapons, environmental conditions and maintenance (or lack of),  malfunctions and alibis were regular occurrences.
Conditions varied and covered the gamut of possibilities available in Southern California from cold drenching rain and mud,  to dry and hot with blowing dust and grit.  We drew our weapons from the Armory in the dark and turned them in to leave the Range in the dark.  All of us used the M16A4/M4 Service Rifles with the appropriate Trijicon ACOG RCO and the Berretta 92FS Service Pistols;  the ammunition used was M855 Ball and 9mm Ball.  Each participant was issued a Rifle,  Optical Sight (RCO),  Pistol and Magazines.  To ensure uniformity of conditions for competitors,  equipment use was regulated;  for instance,  no ground cloths or pads were allowed,  no digging elbows in,  ect.  
Events began with a week of zeroing and practice and culminated with two days of individual competition with the Rifle and Pistol, Team Matches for both Rifle and Pistol and Table 2 Qualifications with the Rifle and Pistol;  literally hundreds of rounds fired for accuracy in both slow and rapid fire modes.  Targetry used for the Matches and practices were all Bullseye,  being the most accurate,  they were used at 100 yards to zero,  and 200-500 yards for practice or Matches;  Table Two qualifications for Rifle were fired on dual Echo Silhouettes from 25-100 yards.  Pistols were fired at 25 yards,  one handed for competitions and practice,  and two handed from 7-25 yards for qualifications;  Pistols were fired slow, timed (20 second strings) and rapid fire (10 second strings).
Random squadding on the first of two preliminary days had everybody fighting their way to the top of the pile in equal circumstances,  from which,  the two preliminary days determined your target point and relay for Match Day one,  i.e. Target 1 Relay 1.  The first two relays fight it out amongst themselves for the starting positions of Match Day two and the aggregate of Match Day one and two determine the top shooters at the end of competitions.
I have been firing WDMs in particular,  since 2010 and have bean an avid shooter for many years.  I hold ratings as a High Master in Long Range and Palma (1000 yds,  iron sights) shooting,  a Master with Service Rifles,  an Expert with the Pistol.  I hold LEG points in Pistol and am close to completing my 30 LEG points toward Distinguished Rifle,  the highest qualifications possible with the Service Rifle or Pistol.
I used two different M16/A4 Rifles,  RCOs and Pistols during the competitions;  one for each 3 week period.  My maintenance routine has always been what I thought was quite simple:  Hoppe’s No. 9 as a solvent,  scraping/brushing,  CLP or grease as needed.  This time I changed my routine and instead used your product,  SEAL1 exclusively.  When I received my weapons initially,  I cleaned them thoroughly with your product,  assembled and lubed with SEAL 1 and began each 3 week phase utilizing the same guns for each phase.  Each time I cleaned and lubed them I used your product only.
What I initially found was that any residual carbon in the systems was readily broken down with the application of more product and either wiped away,  or heavy deposits scraped out easier.  Once I had a satisfactorily clean firearm,  I lubed with SEAL 1 and found it easier to conduct maintenance after uses as the carbon tended not to “cake”;  and when it did it could be wiped away with more of your product and usually without need to scape or brush vigorously;  this obviated the need to carry Hoppe’s as a solvent in my kit.   I also removed CLP and grease as I found SEAL 1 has the multiple benefits of staying in place and lubricating like a grease,  while flowing like CLP for cleaning bores and lubing slide rails and areas that I typically use CLP on.
I also found your product superior when used in rain as it didn’t flow and smear with water,  it didn’t get in my eyes like CLP does when firing in the rain.  Usually water and CLP are vaporized in the vigorous cycling of the weapon and inevitably end up in the eyes,  distorting vision and fouling glasses with oil slicks (not to mention the irritation).  I appreciated that it interacted minimally with water and when it did it was not nearly as irritating to the eyes when it got in there.  It has the characteristics of staying put where needed and not flowing,  but can be readily warmed and spread thinly.
In blowing dust and sand it resisted picking up particles like oil or grease does,  the thin films carried less dust than CLP does.  Not to say it doesn’t,  but still better than the  standard petroleum based products.  I liked that it didn’t eat up the gloves I used when cleaning my equipment and when I did get it on my hands it was easily removed.  I appreciated that it didn’t wick through my cleaning kit and make my backpack, gear and anything that came in contact with it smell strongly and feel oily.
I had no malfunctions,  my weapons operated smoothly,  I ran less patches,  cleaned up quicker,  lubed faster,  was less contaminated at the end of cleaning;  and at the end of the day,  it allowed me to focus less on maintenance and more on shooting well.
Thank you for the use of your product and I will continue to do so,
John Hermsen,  President/CRSO


FEATURED VIDEO - Seal 1 Lube: A Hot Cleaner Ideal For Cold Weather - 
BY - Tactiholics™ 

Where other products of this type gum up in cold weather, Seal 1 Liquid CLP maintains it's original viscosity and keeps your guns running smooth when needed most! 


I have found all sorts of uses for SEAL 1 in my shop - but my wife keeps stealing it to use on things around the house.

I used SEAL 1 one my satellite dish. All the bad snow this year and I have not had any snow stick to the satellite dish! This is a first! Great product with MANY uses!!

We woke up to 6 feet of snow at our front door this morning – Temp 12° - Wind Gust 33mph = Wind Chill of -29°…. Yikes, gale force conditions! Extreme snow shoveling – with the help of SEAL 1’s aerosol spray… we are getting dug out… Amazing stuff!

 ...Okay... I know I said, I would not talk again about how GREAT SEAL 1 is on hinges...., But we did want to bring you the Extreme uses of SEAL 1 - so here it is... These hinges have run smooth as butter for years with SEAL 1 - I like to use the "aerosol spray" it is easy and gets into all the small spaces.


Well,.... it is still winter here in Maine - Betwixt and between winter and spring - we are all becoming afflicted with a serious case of cabin fever along with a touch of spring fever - I bought a Black & Decker cordless pole pruning saw this past summer and just love it. I chose to use my liquid SEAL 1 lube for the chain and bar lubricant - and it worked outstandingly. Not only does it perform amazing in the summer - but, here is an ever more impressive test. I have been clearing this wooded path, - with temps around 20°, the only time I had to stop was when I got tired or the battery need to be charged. Way to go SEAL 1™!!!!

Clean - Lube - Protect
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