SEAL 1 works extremely well on muzzleloading firearms as a CLP PLUS® to include:
Flintlock Muzzleloaders
Caplock Muzzleloaders
Blackpowder Revolvers
In-Line Muzzleloaders

SEAL 1 CLP PLUS® is the next generation of products for muzzleloading that will outperform all current muzzleloading cleaners lubricants and protectants that are currently in the marketplace.
With SEAL 1 no other products are needed SEAL 1 will clean, lube and protect your bore and your entire firearms with one product.  

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SEAL 1 Benefits:

Increases number of rounds between cleanings
Reduces standard deviation
Increases muzzle velocity
Increases accuracy
Reduces cleaning time
Protects from rust and corrosion
Works excellent as a patch lubricant for round balls
SEAL 1 Paste works excellent as a Maxi or Minnie Ball lube.

SEAL 1 works well with all muzzleloading powders to include:
• Pyrodex
• Pyrodex pellets
• Triple Seven
• Goex

SEAL 1 CLP PLUS® Paste also works extremely well as a breech plug and nipple thread grease for easy removal.

SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is a multi-faceted cleaner lubricant and protectant. SEAL 1 works in a wide variety of applications for Muzzleoaders/Black Powder Guns.
 SEAL 1™ CLP Plus® “The Only One You Need”  OUR DEVELOPMENT TEAM HAS PIONEERED THE WORLD OF “Green Engineered” PRODUCTS FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS.  Specializing in – Tactical, Archery, and Marine, Sporting, Shooting, Military and Law Enforcement. All Natural, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly products. USDA Certified Biobased Products, qualifying for federal procurement.  Please Support American Manufacturing.
Clean - Lube - Protect
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